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Wine Cellar Designs With Bricks


With Minimal Rustic Stone

Do you prefer minimalist decor yet still appreciate natural materials and organic shapes? Your ticket to a minimalist wine cellar design that will never leave you chilly is a restricted material palette with a heavy emphasis on stone.

In this wine cellar, where brick and stone take center stage and the wine collection inspires a sculptural quality via whimsical bottle groupings, and it gives the shelves their beauty. Soft pendants throw beautiful shadows on the ceiling and stone wall, and lighting is particularly important in this room.

Industrial Look with Brick and Steel

Another masonry style that may instantly boost the mood of your wine cellar is brick. Use an existing brick wall or create one as a focal point in the room. Whether you’re like classic, industrial, or futuristic design, the beauty of brickwork is that diverse patterns may produce a dramatically distinct aesthetic. If you’re building a new wall rather than repairing an existing one, you may give the brick a new look by laying it in different patterns, such as herringbone.

A Stone Mystery

Perhaps you dislike current aesthetics in your house since they can easily become soiled or scratched? Stone overcomes this problem as well because the greatest interior designers understand that contrasting the seamlessness of contemporary lines with organic elements and materials provides depth and drama. If the designer gets creative you can make a mysterious vibe with the stone walls and also achieve a traditional look. 

Want to add more flavor to your wine cellar? Then try Space Decor. Our Wine Merchants know the need and feel of a functional wine cellar which also takes your breath away. 

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