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Casement Windows

A casement window’s mechanism is straightforward. It features a hinge mechanism on the left and right sides that opens out. Large glass panes and strong framing are common features of these windows. These windows have been installed in such a manner that air and light may move freely throughout the rooms. Casement windows have hook-shaped locks that are integrated inside the frame, making them unreachable from the outside. As a result, these windows are extremely secure and difficult to crack.

Slider Windows

The movable windows allow for excellent cross-ventilation and illumination. The horizontally opening windows are simple to use and allow a clear view of the outside world. The airflow from inside to outside and vice versa is efficiently blocked by these energy-efficient windows. Unlike regular windows, sliding windows help save room since they don’t take up any vertical space. If you pick this window option for your home, your room will instantly seem larger.

French Windows

Typically, French windows have a frame with window glass that runs the length of the window. As a result, these windows provide adequate light in your space. Aside from providing light, the French windows give your home a more expansive appearance. These windows are ideal for exterior walls since they offer a breathtaking view of the gardens, pool, or patio.

Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows have two sashes. You may open both sashes of a double-hung window for fresh air. The bottom sash rises to let cold air in from the outside. The top sash of your window lowers, allowing hot air from your ceiling to escape through the window. Within the frame, the sashes glide past each other. This window help in air circulation. If the window sash could be tilted in, it is easy to clean the window.

These are some windows that you could use in your home. Don’t hesitate to check out Space Decor. We have an exhaustive collection of windows and experts to set it up in your home.

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