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Foldable Wardrobe

Modular wardrobes are storage spaces that easily fit into any space. It can be put up and dismantled easily, are smooth, and fits in the wall perfectly. Its functionality can be added with other furniture or parts. It can be integrated into hidden beds, where the bed is foldable and built into the wardrobe. You can fold away the bed after use. This is highly helpful in a small bedroom.

Walk-in Wardrobe

This design is suited for large bedrooms and you use the wardrobe to divide the room into different functional areas. Use a walk-in wardrobe that uses a sliding door. You can use this style of wardrobe to divide the functioning spaces in the bedroom. Good for work-from-home setups. The walk-in wardrobe also functions for large rooms that are dedicated exclusively to storage. It may open from either end, with the top opening up to the ceiling on the left or right side. You can store the clothes you don’t need at the moment. A utility-based option.

Corner Wardrobe

This type of wardrobe is used in homes that have small kitchens. As the name suggests it is set in the corner of the kitchen wall, which helps to harvest the space. It does not block the way so you can cook unperturbed. Either has single or double doors and make sure the ones you are choosing match the color palette of the rest of the kitchen.

Other Accessories You Need to Remember

You need to select wardrobes that have accessories that will help store your things. Choose the wardrobe with a wall-mounted cloth rack that can be adjusted. It provides you with a lot more view into the closet. Leave a space on the floor to store shoes, shoeshines, and even linens. These areas can then be used to store accessories and shoes. Make sure you have plenty of drawers with built-in dividers to store all of your mementos. A wardrobe with a top-shelf locker is a big plus. A full-size built-in mirror complements the overall design of the dressing cabinet.

You can contact Space Décor as we have talented interior experts who can deliver the functioning wardrobes suitable for every need.

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