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Vintage Living Room


Vintage Props and Furniture

Leather gives the place a sumptuous feel and gives an ultra-modern home an antique feel. The ornate wallpaper, gilded paneling, and furnishings all contribute to the overall design sense. Vintage living room décor components, such as an old-fashioned rotary dial telephone, may be used to enhance the living room design. The double-sided chesterfield sofa and side table provide enough sitting while also serving as the living room’s center point. You may also light the space with some vintage living room lighting.

An Amalgam of Modern and Vintage

This antique eclectic living room offers everything you’ll need for a seamless blend of classic and contemporary design. The old-world charm is brought in by the sophisticated dining table with leather upholstered seats. The timber floors and sliding jali divider perfectly compliment the room. We added a tiny sofa and a gorgeous sputnik chandelier to give the space a contemporary feel. Warm wall colors go well with the overall design, yet broad windows, plenty of light, and a white ceiling helps to balance off the dark wall colors. To tie the theme together, use floor-to-ceiling antique drapes in the living room.

Marble Flooring and Lighting

With leather-upholstered queen chairs, a couch, and marble floors, this contemporary living room exudes luxury. The space is brilliantly illuminated by the wooden fake ceiling with spotlights. You may also add to the attractiveness of the area by using leather paneling, mirrors, and some decorative wallpaper. To finish the effect, strategically arrange antique living room lighting and floor lamps next to the mirror to give a touch of glitz to your classy vintage-style living room.

Vibrant Colors and Bohemian Vintage

When creating your antique living room, don’t be afraid to use bright colors. For a bohemian vintage living room, the yellow accent chair and indoor plants are ideal. To complete the look, add antique furniture with cabriole legs. To enhance the retro aspect of the area, place some antique décor items on vintage side tables, such as a gramophone and records.

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