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Top 3 Bedroom Design Ideas


1. Glass Walls

Glass walls provide a modern, sleek look to your bedrooms. It can be set up according to your need and style. If your bedroom is near the balcony, put a glass folding door, to connect them. Enjoy the natural and serene view. The same goes if the bedroom is attached to the kitchen and you want to demarcate them properly. Glass walls prevent smoke from getting into the bedroom. Use a glass partition to set up a small office inside your bedroom. So make use of the functional aspect of this structure without compromising the space.

2. Canopy Bed

Canopy bed often makes unplanned bedrooms look cluttered, but put it correctly, it makes for an attractive bedroom. A canopy bed makes room within the room for your bed. It gives a sense of privacy with some curtains and drapes. Choose a bed that matched the color scheme of your room. Then, it easily blends in. It matches the traditional and modern design elements.

3. Light Decors

Lights play an important role in setting up the mood of the room. Harsh lights might prevent you from sleeping, while warm, soft lights can help you get ready for sleep. White lights are best when you are working and yellow lights set a relaxing atmosphere. You can use accent walls that have light as a creative way to use lights. A false ceiling that has a light at the edges, coupled with a fan with lights also makes for interesting ways to light up your bedroom.

Want more options? Then…

If you want to know more about decorating your bedroom and the rest of your house, you could contact Space Décor. Space Décor has experienced and creative designers who can set up your home according to your needs.  

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