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1. Design Fee shall be paid inclusive of GST before the start of design.
2. The above amount shall be deducted from the final quote for the complete scope of work in full if the work is executed by Space Décor. If the execution (works contract) is not awarded to Space Décor, this amount shall not be refunded to the client. In such an event, only the sketches shall be shared for the units designed.
3. Client shall maintain a single point of contact for decision making, approvals, payments from their side. It is the Client’s responsibility to engage other members within their household to review the design and share any comments or finalize the design.
4. Design conditions
    a. Space Décor shall provide 3-4 sketches for each unit for the Client’s consideration initially. More designs/sketches may be provided if required.
    b. If after 5 sketches a design cannot be finalized, for some reason, a meeting shall be organized between Client and Space Décor to finalize the design to progress or stop further re-designs
    c. Any redesign, if required, once a design for the entire project has been finalized; further sketches for a unit shall be charged at ₹2,500/- excl. GST per design and shall not be subtracted from the final quotation.
5. The quote shall be prepared only after all the sketches are finalized by the client.
6. Scope modification, if required, shall be agreed upon between the Client and Space Décor before the final acceptance of the quote. Any changes to agreed designs at this stage shall be charged at ₹2,500/- excl. GST per design and shall not be subtracted from the final quotation.
7. During the design phase, only sketches shall be provided (3D renderings and dimensional drawings shall not be shared). If the execution (works contract) is not awarded to Space Décor, this amount shall not be refunded to the Client. 8. 3D rendered images and measurement drawings shall be shared post receipt of 50% of the quoted amount. Space Décor shall provide 2 rendered images per unit free of change; any further render or design changes shall be charged extra once the design is finalized. Additional costs shall be charged at ₹2,500/- per design and render. This amount shall not be subtracted from the quote.
9. Space Décor includes most of the laminate varieties in the cost at the time of preparation of the quote; however, it is not possible to include all grades, colors, patterns, etc. of laminates in the cost. In case the Client selects laminates that are more expensive than the ones considered at the time of preparation of quotes, a difference in amount for these laminates shall be charged.
10. Acrylics, veneers, Duco paints, lacquered glass are charged at an extra cost depending on where these are applied. 11. Payment terms are as follows
a. 50% of the quote before the start of work
b. 45% of the quote when false ceiling, electrical work, and carcass reaches the site
c. Final 5% of the quote is due at handover as per design and sketch
12. Furnishing like curtains, furniture, electrical components like lights, fans, etc., electrical equipment like TV, cooker hood, washing machine, etc. is not included in the quotation.
13. Client shall finalize appliances like Microwave, Oven, Hobs, Cooker hood, fans, etc. during the design phase. These items shall be delivered on-site by the Client within 1 week of finalization of 3D render drawings. Any changes in equipment beyond this stage shall not be accommodated.
14. For any changes or deviations during execution, Space Décor shall seek necessary approvals from the Client. 15. Any modifications requested by the Client during execution shall be treated as a new request and shall follow the Design Process from the beginning. Timelines for delivery of new requests shall not be merged with the initial request. In case of minor modifications, like shifting of electrical points, the addition of some ledges or mirrors, etc. are requested, these can be taken up provided the payment for these are made in full at the time of the request.
16. Once work at the site starts, external vendors shall not be permitted at the same time as Space Décor during execution. 17. The painting quote will be submitted after the installation of the carcass. In case the Client chooses to hire an external vendor, they will be allowed only after the full handover of work to Space Décor. Note that painting of POP (false ceiling, molding pattern, etc.) is part of the painting scope only.
18. Space Décor shall not be held liable for loss or damages caused to Client’s personal effects if the client shares home keys with any other vendor or when the external vendor works in parallel with Space Décor. Any damage or loss to the scope of work from Space Décor shall also be the responsibility of the Client.
19. If the site activities have to be put “on hold” due to delay in decision making, delay in delivery of appliances, delay in payment, etc. an amount of ₹2000 per day shall be charged.
20. Unless specifically written in the quote, soft close hinges shall not be provided.
21. Lights, fans, etc. are not included unless otherwise specified. An estimate for electrical modifications to fit the design is included, however, the final cost will depend on the actual scope of work
22. Glossy laminates and Duco paint shall be used only with external grade MDF; Matt laminates shall be used with Plywood/Plyboard.
23. Installation of lights, fans, exhaust fan provided by Client shall be charged at or ₹150 per item. Chandelier installation shall be at ₹400 - ₹500 depending on the size and complexity
24. Selection of handles at the time of preparation of quotation is based on certain assumptions. In case the Client's selection of handles exceeds the above cost, the difference shall be borne by the Client.
25. Warranties
       a. 3 years warranty is applicable from the invoice date on plywood, hinges, and accessories covering material quality and workmanship. Damage due to normal wear, including scratches, is not covered for all items. Damage caused due to the use of products beyond manufacturers’ recommendations of load, temperatures, humidity, etc. is not covered. Mirror, glass, lacquered glass, scratches on Duco paint or veneer are not covered under the warranty.
       b. 6 months warranty is applicable from the invoice data on all electricals except LED strip lighting. No warranty applies to LED strip lights.
26. TV installation, speaker installation, appliance installations, cloth hanger installation, AC installation, fixing of pictures, moving of Client’s items, Client’s furniture is not part of Space Décor quote. The client shall not engage Space Décor’s labor for these tasks.

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