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Laundry Room Design

Laundry Room Design

Spacious Laundry Room:

To make it functional and not depressing, a spacious room is always welcome. Especially when the laundry room could give more utility with the space provided. Place your washing machine and dryer next to each other to make your life easier (duh!) Add a sink for you to wash your hands off dirty detergent. A wooden rack brings a rustic vibe and also provides space for you to neatly arrange your napkins and dried clothes. Shelves can be added for extra space and they can be used as hangers for your shirts.

White Laundry Room:

Let’s take a break from the bright colors and go white and plain for a change. Take a look at this laundry room design concept. The walls, flooring, washing machine, storage cabinets, pots, clocks, and even the drying rack are all white! What a white world it is! Isn’t it, however, heavenly? Don’t think that it will be boring or monotonous. Full white makes the room brighter and it looks nicer than you imagine.

Wall Laundry:

If your laundry room is inevitably small, there is a way to adapt. Shelves for laundry room is not uncommon, but for everything, it might be. Everything, including this washing room, appears nice when it’s little. When it comes to storage, shelves make a difference. Above the counter are box-shaped and rectangle-shaped shelving in this laundry room design. If you have children, these shelves are ideal since products such as detergents may be kept out of reach. If you want to add some flair to your laundry room, use these shelves to display artwork or even small plants.

Sea Colored Laundry:

Do you miss the sea? If you crave the same experience at home, Then this shade is a must-have. With the color of the ocean, you can now feel the sea wind. Blue comes in a variety of hues and is connected with feelings of serenity and tranquility. You’ll be reminded of the seaside in this laundry room. The walls are painted in a lovely turquoise tone that evokes the color of the ocean, the white cabinetry and window frames resemble clouds, and the magnificent jute mat resembles sand!

Adding cherry to the top of these lovely ideas, if you want these and more, then you can check out Space Decor’s Laundry room designs, as we have the finesse and expertise to make your laundry rooms cool.

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