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Lawns make for the most care-intensive part of your yard. You need to compartmentalize the lawn. Decide which parts that you are going to use and leave the rest aside. What to do with the parts that you left? You could increase the plant’s area, add a gravel path, a mown path to utilize the space properly.


Mulch provides a lot of utility and can take care of itself. It can reduce weeds, conserve soil moisture, balance soil temperature. So add mulch to help the plants to look fresh and as it requires less weeding and watering it saves your time.

Groundcover Planting

Groundcover plants also improve soil health and drainage with their long roots seeping in the soil and their vegetation helps water to seep in the soil. Mix these sorts of plants with the ornamental plants to balance. Check for the native variety of these plants as they can survive the conditions better.


Irrigation becomes the important thing to maintain for your mulch, plants, and lawn to grow. Lesser the irrigation, the lesser time you need to spend on it and money. You need to make sure your irrigation system is top-notch and won’t use more water than necessary. Use sprays for lawn and drip irrigation for everything else. Make sure the irrigation system hits what it needs to hit or you will be facing a wet driveway every time.

These are some tips to help you maintain your yard without much effort. There are still a lot of landscaping ideas you can do. You could try Space Décor, as they have expert designers to help you design your landscapes better.

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