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In this blog, we discuss the 7 elements of interior design and how they affect the décor of any living space.

Space is where all the magic happens- the plan, the process, and the execution. The interior design revolves around decorating ‘spaces’. This includes- there is positive and negative space.
Positive space is where the décor is, while negative space is the empty areas between the décor. The perfect balance between these two helps create a good interior design.

Texture refers to the look and feel of a place. It’s the first impression of the surface quality of the room. It is noticed on the textures of the table cloth, pillows, curtains, etc. It can either add depth or softness to the room based on the accessories chosen.

Lines refer to the vertical and horizontal lines created by the room décor. This can be lines from the structural and furnishings of the room. The vertical lines are caused by windows, doors, ceilings and add a sense of freedom and height to the space. On the other horizontal lines are created by tables, furniture, bed, etc that adds stability and width to the space. The balance between these two offers a better structure to the overall room.

Lighting is an important aspect of interior décor. It affects the mood settings and atmosphere of a space. Lightings can be either natural and artificial. They can be altered with the help of curtains and mirrors. Artificial lights can be employed to enhance the look of the place. They can be altered to suit the space better.

Color in interior design needs no introduction. This element has a huge impact on how the space looks, feels, and affects our moods. They can help make a space look bigger, cozier, or even vibrant. It is important to take into consideration several other factors like lighting, décor, and also the theme of the room before choosing your color scheme.

This includes the shapes of the objects in the room. They can be either geometric or irregular. The balance between the strong precise geometric lines and irregular abstract lines can help break up the spaces and add to the beauty of your space.

Patterns add to the overall personality of a space. It is an interesting element in the interior design as there are interesting choices to choose like geometric, floral, neutral, etc. The pattern adds to some uniformity and consistency in the décor but makes sure to leave enough space to prevent crowding.
The culmination of all these aspects makes up the foundation of an interior design plan. We hope this helped. Keep in mind these 7 elements next time you want to give your space a makeover.

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