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The Color Palette

The choice of color will change how you perceive your kitchen. A monochromatic color will be great for a minimalist kitchen with light shades of white, beige helping the kitchen look much bigger than it is. Or you could go with the classic design using antique oak to get the desired shades. Remember to complement the wall color with tiles, ceramic, or even wood.

The Space

With smaller flats, using space becomes essential to maximize the kitchen’s utility. Think beforehand about what you will do in the kitchen. Then inform your designer. Think of places to cook, eat, sit, and enjoy. Cabinets provide concealed spaces so you don’t need to put the appliances and utensils in the exterior space. Wood which is an expensive option, fiberboard, or particleboard is used to make cabinets.  


Lighting is important as it also sets up the tone of the kitchen while setting up lights to shine the important parts of the kitchen and be energy efficient. Using a spectacular chandelier or pendant lamp helps to provide an exquisite tone for the space. Then there are basic, non-protruding ceiling lights that provide the sense of a larger, cleaner, and symmetrical room. A drop-down lighting panel or LED cove lights can help to produce an all-encompassing gorgeous glow in the case of a concrete ceiling when overhead lights cannot be fitted.

Personal Ideas

You can integrate some personal touch into the kitchen. Let your imagination run wild. Freshness and visual appeal may also be added by keeping potted plants in interesting structural shapes. A beautiful centerpiece, such as a kitchen clock or a statement lighting item, can also be installed. A magnetic wall-mounted knife holder may be used to decorate the walls with some important kitchen items.

Space Decor for creative kitchen designs

Space Decor strives to design every aspect of your house with creativity, energy, and within your budget.


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